Anyone Else Got Itchy Skin This Winter?

Anyone Else Got Itchy Skin This Winter?

Itchy skin is a very common occurrence during the winter season.

Every year when it gets cold in the winter, you might experience itchy skin. This is very common and is sometimes called “winter itch.” The cause of winter itch is almost always the result of too little moisture in the air. The reason for the dry air in the winter time is because as the air cools, its ability to hold moisture falls. This is why it's so humid in the summer, as warm air holds more moisture.

In the best of scenarios, the itchiness in the winter is minor and a small inconvenience. In bad cases, it can lead to a lot of itching and scratching that can damage the skin and cause bleeding and severe irritation. By following a few steps to keep your indoor air (and skin) from getting too dry, you can drastically reduce the amount of winter itch you experience during the cold season.

Use a Humidifier

This is the single most important thing you can do to reduce the problems with itchy winter skin. With extra moisture in the air, your skin will become less dry. But the question is, how do you get more moisture in the air? One simple way is to boil water in the kitchen. But this is time-consuming and uses a lot of energy.

Another possibility is to keep your bathroom door open and bathroom exhaust fan off when you shower. The problem here is that the moisture added to the air will only take place when someone showers. Then there’s the annoying effect of water and fog buildup on the bathroom walls, doors and mirrors.

The best option is to use a warm or cool mist humidifier. They are both equally effective, but one of the disadvantages of the warm mist humidifier is the risk of burns from the hot water.

Another thing to keep in mind when using a humidifier is to keep track of how much moisture you put into the indoor air. You can measure the indoor relative humidity with a small hygrometer, which is available for purchase at most stores that sell household items. The goal is to keep the relative indoor humidity between 45 and 60 percent, depending on the preferences of the occupants. Too much lower and you'll still suffer from itchy and dry skin. Too much higher, then it becomes muggy indoors, which can be very uncomfortable.

Use Hand and Body Lotion

If using a humidifier isn't enough, or you want to do more to have less dry skin, use a moisturizing lotion. There are literally hundreds of lotions out there that can help reduce dry skin and most work well. However, some will have ingredients you don't care for or don't want to pay extra to have. Others will be more effective or last longer. You'll need to shop around and do some research to find the brand and specific type that's best for you.

By using both a humidifier and lotion, you can mostly eliminate dry skin and much of the itchy skin this winter. To learn more about how to maintain proper indoor air humidity, considering contacting our friendly team of experts at Atlas Tech Services by e-mailing us at or calling (914) 502-2040.