How Does Indoor Air Quality Affect Our Health?

How Does Indoor Air Quality Affect Our Health?

Your home's heating and air conditioning system can make life easier and more comfortable. But if not maintained correctly, it can cause a variety of devastating health effects. These can easily be confused with the common cold or influenza. The following are just a few of the impacts of poor indoor air quality:

Triggers Asthma Symptoms

If you or anybody in your household has asthma, watch out. Poor air quality will almost certainly trigger symptoms. Reaching for an inhaler can help ease acute symptoms. But addressing the root of the problem can help prevent attacks.

Causes Allergic Reactions

As with asthma, allergies can be triggered by indoor air pollution. Allergic reactions can vary significantly from one sufferer to the next. Many people with allergies experience irritation to their nose, throat, or skin.

Dries Eyes

If you regularly suffer dry eyes, you likely spend ample time in a house or office plagued by low air quality. Indoor air pollutants impact those with sensitive eyes, even when pollution levels are low outside. Dry eyes fail to produce adequate tears. That dryness leaves eyes feeling itchy, gritty, and generally uncomfortable. In severe cases, a burning sensation may go with dry eyes. Age and certain medications can increase the potential for dry eyes, too. Improving your indoor air quality may provide better relief than medicated eye drops can.

Prompts Headaches or Migraines

Poor indoor air quality can even cause debilitating headaches. The scientific community agrees. Research indicates that over a third of those exposed to indoor air pollution suffer headaches up to three times per month. Many experience severe headaches on a daily or near-daily basis.

Makes Noses Bleed

Environment plays a huge role in nosebleeds. Interior dryness makes residents particularly susceptible to this problem. If your HVAC system features humidity control, you can minimize allergens that cause nasal irritation.

Initiates Breathing Problems

Your air conditioner can become a breeding ground for fungi and bacteria if it's not maintained right. Black mold is of particular concern, as coil- or duct-based moisture buildup may result from excess condensation. Upon going airborne, these microorganisms can cause a whole host of problems, including, in severe cases, pneumonia.

Produces Nausea or Vomiting

Although less common than the symptoms outlined above, nausea or vomiting can come from exposure to indoor air pollution. You might chalk it up to a bout with the flu or food poisoning. But if your symptoms only appear in specific environments, it could be an issue with low air quality.

A variety of factors can harm indoor air quality. Poorly maintained furnaces or air conditioners top that list. That's actually good news, though, because it's so easy to fix. Getting preventative maintenance twice a year can help keep your HVAC system in excellent shape. One call to an indoor air quality expert can make all the difference.

Worried about your home's air quality? Has it been a while since your HVAC system got some TLC? Maybe you've been putting off scheduling a maintenance visit because you're busy?

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