Little Known Facts about HVAC Installation Service, and Why They Matter

Little Known Facts about HVAC Installation Service, and Why They Matter

Heating and air conditioning equipment isn't cheap. While many manufacturers out there offer seasonal deals, a new system is a significant investment. The secret to getting the longest possible service life from your new system? Start with professional HVAC installation service. Here's why.

Online Quotes Mean Little

Imagine you're a doctor, trying to diagnose your patient's condition over the phone. You've never met and can't see anything. How accurate do you think your diagnosis will be?

It's the same with an HVAC system. Anyone can look up the price for the equipment itself, but installation requires a closer look. A variety of factors can influence the cost. We've got to factor in the size of your home, the quality of the ductwork, and the state of your current furnace or air conditioner. Don't take too much stock in low ball internet or phone-based quotes, for that number could change quickly once your technician arrives.

The Role of Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio

Do you know about Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER)? This number represents the efficiency of heating and air conditioning units. Systems with higher numbers are more efficient; the minimum recommended SEER is 13. However, the highest SEER available is not the best solution for every home. Your technician can assess your home to determine what type of equipment is the best fit for your needs.

Air Duct Sealing Is an Integral Part of the Installation Process

Building a new home? Your air ducts will start out in pristine condition, so that's easy. But what if you're replacing an aging, inefficient HVAC system? Now's an excellent opportunity to get your air ducts inspected, cleaned, and sealed. Clean air ducts mean cleaner air to breathe and a longer life for your new equipment.

Your Technician Should Check Airflow

The installation process doesn't end once your furnace or air conditioner is in place. At this point, your technician should check the resulting airflow carefully to ensure even heating and cooling. Improper airflow makes it hard for your system to heat and cool your home efficiently. Skip this step, and you'll end up writing bigger checks to your utility company every month.

Your Warranty Is at Stake

New heating and air conditioning equipment typically comes with a warranty. However, if you read the fine print from the manufacturer, you'll see an important detail. Modern equipment requires more than just plugging it in and pushing a button. Getting professional HVAC installation services is the best way to protect your warranty.

Ready to install a new heating or air conditioning unit? Insist on working with a knowledgeable and experienced HVAC company. The experts at Atlas Tech Services understand the importance of professional installation.

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